UKCA mark

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The UKCA mark (UK conformity assessment) is the new mark that will be used for goods placed on the market in Great Britain (England, Wales and Scotland). Its affixing will testify that the product complies with all applicable UK legislative requirements and that the conformity assessment procedures have been successfully completed. It will cover many of the goods on which the CE mark was previously affixed.

For Northern Ireland, CE marking remains required. Harmonized goods bearing the UKCA mark only will not be permitted in this market. Instead,
for the import of products from Northern Ireland to Great Britain the UKCA mark will always be required.

The new UKCA branding must be used immediately after 1 January 2021 if all of the following conditions apply:
– the product is for the UK market;
– is covered by the legislation requiring the UKCA trademark;
– obligatorily requires third party conformity assessment by an Authorized UKCA Body;
– the conformity assessment was carried out by a UK (EU Notified) Conformity Assessment Body and the files were not transferred to an EU recognized body before 1 January 2021.

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