Strategic Partnership Agreement between the EU and Canada

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It was published in the Official Journal L89 of 1 April 2017 a notice regarding the provisional application, as from 1 April 2017 the Agreement on strategic partnership between the EU and Canada. Provisional application only concerns the definition and implementation of common foreign and security policy.
Regarding the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, it notes that the rules are not yet entered into provisional application. It should be stressed that the new European Commission has estimated that the new registered exporters system (REX) are not applicable with GSP countries but also for the export of goods to Canada. As a result EU exporters will have to use the REX system for the issue of declarations of origin. During a transitional period from 1 January 2017 up to commissioning of the new arrangement providing for the full application of the procedures for authorized exporters, including the invoice declaration.

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