Renewal of Restrictive Measures

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Starting from January 2017, the EU has renewed several restrictive measures against certain countries:

The January freeze of 48 Tunisian subjects was extended until 31 January 2018 and the names of two other subjects were added.

Until February 20, 2018 sanctions against certain subjects and a company are renewed. The remaining sanctions are suspended. It is also possible to export some explosive substances destined for civil use only and for the construction of infrastructure projects.

Penalties are extended for one year (until February 2018), including arms embargoes, freezing of funds and restrictions on certain people’s movements.

Up until March 2018, the freezing of funds for certain listed people were renewed.

Bosnia Herzegovina
The sanctions (until March 2018) were renewed to those who were held responsible for affecting the territorial sovereignty of Bosnia, security and peace agreements in Dayton / Paris.

Renew the sanctions against those who block the formation process of a Libyan national government.

Some people have been added to the list of embargoes.

North Korea
Measures against North Korea have been implemented. Penalties include blocks of fuel imports, statues and metals from North Korea and the ban on exporting new helicopters or boats to the country. New subjects have been added among people who are involved in nuclear programs

The Council extended until 2018 measures against Iran in connection with serious human rights violations consisting of travel blocks and freezing of funds for 82 people and the ban on exporting all kinds of equipment that could be used in the country For repression and telecommunications equipment.

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