Pan-Euro-Mediterranean agreement

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The EU Commission intends to adopt some measures aimed at increasing trade between the EU and the countries of the Pan-EuroMediterranean region.
The new procedures will mainly concern the simplification of the rules of origin: in terms of the percentage of non-preferential material used in processing and in relation to the number of rules envisaged.
The main innovations are:

• tolerance threshold for non-originating materials raised from 10% to 15%;
• introduction of simpler rules and modification of the rules on double processing in the textile sector;
• introduction of total accumulation, on the basis of which the work can be carried out within several countries, within the PanEuroMediterranean regionality;
• introduction of the “duty-drawback” principle: the State can refund the duty incurred on raw materials in the event that the finished product is re-exported under preferential origin regime.

Unfortunately, these changes will not enter into force before 2021, in fact at the moment they are proposals under evaluation.

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