New series of measures concerning the documentation to be presented at the time of importation in Tunisy

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On March 15, 2018, a new series of measures was announced by the Tunisian Ministry of Trade and Finance concerning the documentation to be presented at the time of importation into the country.

Importers of certain products are now obliged to provide the customs declaration of the exporting country when the goods imported as part of the customs clearance for domestic use are processed.

From now on, any file filed at the customs offices that does not contain the customs declaration document of the exporting country or an equivalent document will be considered incomplete.

Importers shall have a period not exceeding three months, starting from 13 March 2018 to comply with this measure.

It covers in particular dried fruits and vegetables, rice, cosmetics, convenience foods, canned goods, pastries, plastic household items, artificial fur items, cell phones, automotive parts, toys and mopeds.

The official authorities of countries that export goods that do not provide declarations in Arabic, French or English are also required to submit to the Ministry of Commerce a model of the export declaration issued by their customs service, translated into one of these three languages. As a consequence, export declarations translated into these languages ​​by a sworn translator in the exporting country or in Tunisia will be accepted exceptionally.

We will update you on further developments in this area

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