Judgment of the European Court of Justice, payments are not financial assistance.

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Some of the countries affected by sanctions regulations (eg Reg.UE 267/2012 concernete restrictive measures against Iran and the EU Reg. 833/2014 concerning restrictive measures against Russia) I decree that banned or subject to prior authorization by the by competent authorities the provision of financing or financial assistance related to certain products subject to trade restrictions by the aforementioned regulations.
On March 28, 2017, the European Court of Justice has expressed on a question concerning restrictive measures in Ukraine. In particular, it was asked whether the term used by the Financial Assistance Regulation would include the treatment of payments by bank or other financial institution and if you were to impose on the obligation to obtain authorization for payment of any operation related to a ‘export to Russia of products subject to restrictions.
The Court has expressed itself by stating that the concept of “financial assistance” does not include the processing of payments by a bank or financial institution. Therefore any payment linked to a sale, supply, transfer or export to Russia of goods subjected to restriction does not require authorization for the execution of the payment as such. However, there remain other permissions to be requested.
With this interpretation it could be said that will not be necessary for banks or other financial institutions to apply for authorization to provide financial assistance for the above payments, here towards countries that have similar provisions to the restrictive measures towards Russia.

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