EU – Canada Global Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) comes into force

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This is to inform you that the provisional entry into force of the CETA-EU-Canada Agreement was set for 21/09/2017.

This agreement, as already stated in our Circular no. 08/2017, does not provide proof of origin for issuing the EUR1 certificate but only the invoice declaration.

The declaration is free for shipments up to € 6,000.00. While for shipments of higher value, REX registration is required.

The Customs Agency has already pointed out that the REX system, at the time of the entry into force of the agreement, will not yet be operational and it will therefore be necessary temporarily to request or extend the status of an Authorized Exporter to Canada ‘.

Please note that the rules of origin are completely different from the other Agreements for which we recommend that you check compliance with the new rules of origin.

As of 21st September, we are therefore at your disposal to submit your request to our customs office to take up this new qualification or to extend your current Authorized Exporter Authorization to Canada as well.

It is evident that the Qualification will take on exports to that country

In the absence of any other document permitting the preferential declaration in that country (EUR.1) and hence the preferential import treatment process.

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