Customs clearance inspection service issued at the Reggio Emilia Customs Office

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Service of search and / or discharge customs bills c / o other Italian or Community Customs.
You are hereby reminded of your attention to the follow-up procedure regarding customs export declarations without visa exiting (art. 335 Reg. 2447/2015).
The formalities of the export offices for the administrative closure of expired export movements provide that once the 90-day deadline has expired. from the date of issue, the transaction acquires the “expired export” status as a system.
The Export Customs Office, after an initial research phase at the presumed Office of Exit Drafts, writes to exporters and to the declarant, requesting alternative proofs within a maximum period of 30 days.
The valid documents as alternative proofs for the customs bills issued in Reggio Emilia are:
1) a) copy of the payment;
b) copy of the complete invoice of the declaration “GOODS RECEIVED ON (date)” stamp, name of the person signing and legible signature of the recipient;
2) a) copy of the payment;
b) copy of the export invoice;
c) transport document with proof of arrival at the destination of the carrier’s representative or declaration of the consignee of the goods confirming receipt of the same, accompanied by a declaration by the company that took care of the transport;
If within the deadline of 30 days. this documentation is not provided, the Export Customs Office sends a reminder to the exporter and the declarant, indicating a further deadline, after which the Customs may proceed to cancel the issued customs export bill and return the file to the -finitely to the Revenue Agency, for the recovery of VAT and the imposition of the related sanction.
We therefore invite you to monitor the expired declarations, starting from the year 2014 and those close to expiration, subject to checks and / or checks by the Customs and / or Revenue Agency, and to take action to promptly present alternative tests.

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