Anti-dumping proceeding concerning imports of certain products originating in Turkey

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On 14/05/2020, in the EU Journal C no. 166, a “notice of initiation of an anti-dumping proceeding relating to imports of hot rolled flat products, iron, non-alloy steel or other alloy steel, originating in Turkey, was published.
Following the application for registration, the Implementation Regulation 2020/1686 of 12/11/2020, published in the Gazzetta L 379 of 13/11/2020 was issued. Such goods are subject to a nine-month registration period starting from 11/14/2020 to 8/14/2021, with the possibility of retroactive collection of anti-dumping duties.

the products investigated and subject to registration consist of flat rolled products of iron, non-alloy steel or other alloy steel, whether or not coiled (including ‘cut to size’ and ‘narrow strip’ products), simply rolled hot, not plated or coated.
These products are currently classified under CN codes 72081000, 72082500, 72082600, 72082700, 72083600, 72083700, 72083800, 72083900, 72084000, 72085210, 72085299, 72085310, 72085390, 72085400, 72111300, 72111400, 72111900, former 722590IC 72251910 , 72253090, ex 72254060 (TARIC code 7225406090), 72254090, ex 72261910 (TARIC code 7226191090), 72269191 and 72269199.

The notice highlights that the NC (eight-digit) and TARIC (ten-digit) codes are provided for information only, making it clear the need to refer to the description of the products under investigation.

The following products are excluded from the survey and, consequently, not subject to registration:
(a) stainless steel and silicon products known as grain-oriented ‘magnetic’;
b) products of tool steel and high speed steel;
(c) non-rolled products, which have no relief patterns, with a thickness of more than 10 mm and a width of 600 mm or more;
(d) non-rolled products, which do not have raised patterns, with a thickness of 4.75 mm or more but not more than 10 mm and a width of 2 050 mm or more.

It is important to highlight that, should the need to impose anti-dumping duties emerge at the end of the anti-dumping investigation (14/08/2021), they can also be collected retroactively on registered imports.

In Article 1 paragraph 3, all interested parties are invited to express their observations in writing and to provide evidence, or to ask to be heard within 21 days from the date of publication (13/11/2020) of this letter. regulation

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