Algeria: new legislation relating to bank domiciliation

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On 1 January 2018, new legislation relating to bank domiciliation came into force in Algeria, which refers to measures on product safety and impacts on the importation of foreign goods into Algeria subject to the bank domiciliation.

The Minister of Commerce of Algeria has established that the request for bank domiciliation must be accompanied by a certificate of free circulation of the product in the country of origin or provenance (on the basis of which he has issued a facsimile in French).

To support companies operating in Algeria (currently in serious difficulty given the refusal of certificates issued according to European standards) Unioncamere has proposed a compromise solution of “visas powers of the Chamber’s signature” on certification of the same company that maintains the information overall of interest for Algerian subjects (customers and banks), without identifying the Chamber as a competent authority.


1. Completion of the application for obtaining the visa of the certificate of free circulation drawn up by the company for Algeria, attaching the conformity certifications indicated in it and copies of the invoices stating that the products indicated in the certificate are marketed in Italy or in another EU country;
2. Compilation of the certificate in French, to be printed on company headed paper, as facsimile prepared on the basis of the indications provided by Unioncamere at the time and to be requested from the Certification Office by mail to the competent chamber of commerce.

Both documents must be signed in original by the legal representative of the company and will be presented at the Certified Office and Visas of the Chamber of Commerce. “

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