Trust the professionals of the Customs world

AEO Full certified since 2008


 31 years of experience

We have been working on our field for over 31 years

 Customs operations

We deal with Customs operations on behalf of our clients


Thanks to a partnership with a specialized lawyer, we can offer consultancy on the matter of Customs litigations.

 A great Team

A team made of 20 expert people ready to assist you


We can manage all of Intrastat files of our clients

 Consultancy on VAT

We offer consultancy on VAT matter both for trades intra and extra UE


Our skills have been gained with more than 31 years serving our customers

 Domicilied procedures

We manage everything related to domiciliated procedures on behalf of our clients

 Phone consultancy

We offer consultancy either via phone or email to our customers

AEO Full certified since 2008

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What is a CAD?

A CAD , Centro di assistenza doganale, is a center specialized in customs procedures on behalf of companies consisting of customs brokers registered. The advantages for companies are many, including the domiciled procedure.

Why should i trust Eurocad?

Our extensive experience in this area in close contact with businesses and with the Customs makes us able to make our service competent and reliable . We like to work closely with companies helping them in all aspects of customs .

What is the AEO certification?

AEO means authorized economic operators. This certification indicates a high standard of quality in terms of both safety and skills that allows us to transfer significant benefits to customers.

Can’t i manage everything internally?

The world of international trade is becoming increasingly more and more complex . Acquiring and mastering all the skills necessary to avoid problems and sanctions is an investment both in terms of money and time that many companies fail to address . This is why relying on a CAD is the best solution.